RPI Halloween Costume Ideas

by Gabrielle DeMarco on October 28, 2010

If anyone is still thinking of what to wear to all those spooky Halloween parties this weekend, here are some ideas inspired by top research at Rensselaer. With a student’s budgets in mind, I tried to keep these as inexpensive as possible.

MRSA Paint: Dress up as a sad, round MRSA bacteria and carry around an empty can of latex paint with the words “Property of Dordick and Kane” on it.

Paper Battery: Glue pieces of black construction paper all over your clothes and carry around a lit flashlight.

Tetherless World Research Constellation: Somehow strap as many of your electronics to your body as possible. Extra points for a desktop computer.

Data.gov: Wear a Secret Service type suit and shades and wrap yourself in spreadsheets.

New York Center for Astrobiology: Don’t go for the obvious X-Files alien here. Some more original choices would be to go as the “RNA World” by dressing as a strand of RNA (put post-its with the word ribose and the letters A, C, G, and U around your body) and wear a globe on your head. Or you could go as zircon – dress all in gray and wear a long white beard (zircons are very old you know).

Synthetic Heparin: Take a white shirt and draw the structure of heparin on it in sharpie. Then carry around a picket sign of a pig crossed out ala the “No Smoking” sign.

Graphene Nanotechnology: Wrap yourself in chain link fence and put a small sign on your chest that reads “µm”. On second thought, the fencing might be dangerous…

Eradication of Invasive Species: Use cardboard to construct two large clam shells. Attach these to your person so that you resemble the shape of an Asian clam as much as possible. Then wear a plastic poncho over the whole ensemble. Warning: be sure plastic isn’t covering your mouth. We want to smother the clam, not the person.

Circadian Rhythms: Wear a big clock around your neck and turn on and off the lights in whatever room you are in.

Nude Hospital Gowns: This one is easy, but I advise you to wear clothes under the gown. We are in October after all.

Earthquake Simulator: Wear a building of popsicles sticks on your head and occasionally shake back and forth.

I could go on forever. E-mail me your own ideas at demarg@rpi.edu. If I get some good ones, I will put them up. Obviously, this is all in good fun. We all know I am talking about some pretty amazing, life-saving, and internationally-renowned research, which is why you will be especially proud to wear your original costume on Halloween this year.