iRPI: Where The Heck Am I?

by Gabrielle DeMarco on June 29, 2009

Tech-savvy freshmen at RPI no longer need to wander the hallways of the wrong building in a futile journey to discover that elusive classroom in the basement of the DCC. Thanks to an inventive upperclassmen, that quintessential lost lamb can simply ask their iPhone.

Senior comp sci major, Devin Ross, has a penchant for iPhone applications. And not just any app will do. He is part of a growing group of open sourcists in the Rensselaer Center for Open Software (RCOS) whose mission is to create open source code that will benefit society at large. A personal financial management app, Vault, that he created with follow budding comp scientist, Amit Kumar, is one of the top free financial downloads on the iTunes stores with more than 10,000 downloads.

Now, Ross is bringing RPI to the iPhone – literally. Check out the video above on the app in action.

iRPI comes complete with a detailed, searchable map of the Troy campus (even Satellite images are available if you want to check out the neat sloping roof of the Biotech). Want to read the latest RPI news or see what might be happening on campus this evening? The app comes complete with news and campus calendar feeds. Can’t remember the phone number for the registrar? Ask iRPI. The registrar would be happy to give your graduation status; although you might now be.

Ross is hoping to continue to build out the application to include everything from info on when your book is due back at the library to campus emergency alerts.

More than that, Ross hopes other universities and organizations will take his code and run with it. It is all available with step by step instructions on how to make it your own. So freshman and misguided university bloggers rejoice! Well, only if you have an iPhone…I guess I am up the Hudson without an Apple-Inc.-branded-smartphone.

The app will also soon be available on iTunes for the RPI community to mess around with. Enjoy an iRPI guided tour.

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Lithiummind 07.02.09 at 3:32 pm

I think it’s a great way to help freshmen to find the location of each building easily.

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