Tagging: The Page-McCaw Fly Room

by Gabrielle DeMarco on April 23, 2009


(This is the first of many Tagging photos- a new, ongoing photo feature at The Approach  where we give you a guided tour of various research labs around campus. It will take you into some of the coolest areas of campus that you may never get to see in person.  We will “tag” each lab photo with additional information about the equipment and other knickknacks that you see. This is a play off the floursecent tagging that molecular biologists and others use to track a molecule in a sample. Click on the photo above and enjoy the tour.)


Click on the “Fly Room” above for the Andrea Page-McCaw lab. Page-McCaw, assistant professor of biology, uses Drosophila melanogaster  (otherwise known as the common fruit fly) as a model organism to study how cells function together and communicate. This involves what is known as cell signaling. Her research has implications for understanding cancer and inflammatory diseases as well as nerve regeneration.