Leik Myrabo-Sensei no Lightcraft ga suki desu yo.

by Michael Mullaney on April 20, 2009

Below is a great clip that was filmed on campus last winter about professor Leik Myrabo’s exciting Lightcraft research.

The segment has some amazing visuals. But as it’s entirely in Japanese, here’s a quick primer: Lightcraft are small flying devices propelled by a beam of light that is sent from a ground-based, pulsed infrared laser – and they may be an early look at the aircraft and spacecraft of tomorrow.

Myrabo is the world’s leading expert on Lightcraft, and his research into this paradigm-busting form of air travel has garnered much attention. Wired recently wrote an interesting story about his research.

Three things to note about the video clip:

1. The "intense" voice they use to voiceover/translate Leik's comments (55 seconds into the story).

2. It took the camera crew literally more than two hours to get a still shot of the Lightcraft that they were happy with (seen at 30 seconds into the video).

3. Leik provided the production company with the footage of his test flights, but they developed all of the other b-roll, nifty graphics, and computer models themselves.