Molecules to the MAX

by Michael Mullaney on March 9, 2009

Campus has been abuzz about the new Molecularium Movie, Molecules to the MAX. The IMAX film, due out later this year, has “Rensselaer” written all over it. Literally.

The movie’s three executive producers are Rensselaer faculty – Dick Siegel, Linda Schadler, and Shekhar Garde – and dozens of current and former students have worked on the film as employees of production studio Nanotoon Entertainment. Most of the background animation in M2M is based on molecular modeling simulations conducted by Garde’s research group. Nanotoon took that raw data and transformed it into something beautiful for the big screen.

Compare the animation of the clips in the above video with one of Professor Garde’s modeling simulations, which you can see here (big file, ~200mb, takes a minute to load).

The full trailer for the new movie is at:

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Dr. Cathy Crocker 03.07.10 at 11:03 pm

I have been unsuccessful in downloading Molecules To The Max. I am principal at Kelly Miller Middle School, in the Anacostia area of Washington, D.C. and feel strongly that the movie would serve to interest and energize some of the students in the area of science.

Is there a way to borrow a copy of the movie to show at school?

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