Domo Arigato, Mr. Motoman

by Michael Mullaney on August 23, 2011

Continuing along a topic from last week – let’s talk robots.

There are quite a few on campus, and last week we introduced New York’s Capital Region to the newest addition: Motoman. You can see him above.

Motoman arrived about a month ago, and the students in Professor John Wen’s robotics lab quickly put it to work. In three weeks, the students wrote software that allows Motoman to mimic human movements it sees via a hacked Microsoft Xbox Kinect sensor.

See below for some great footage of Motoman in action.

[clipsyndicate 2757974 425 330]

More clips great coverage here. here, and here. Also, click on the below screengrabs to watch some additional TV news clips of the robot doing his thing:


(And for those who read this post simply because they’re fans of the 80’s hit “Mr. Roboto,” you can scratch that itch here.)