The Golden Touch

by Michael Mullaney on June 16, 2010

Above is an excellent video demonstating a new, simple technique from Profesor Sang-Kee Eah to create little layers of well-behaved nanoscale gold. Here’s how it works:

Eah and team infused liquid toluene — a common industrial solvent — with gold nanoparticles. The nanoparticles self-assemble and form a flat, closely packed layer of gold at the interface where the water and air meet.

After waiting a few minutes, the team uses a dropper to plop a few drops of the stuff into a substrate, or any other surface. The toluene evaporates pretty quickly, leaving behind a monolayer of gold. This monolayer, as you will see in the video, is a uniform, evenly-distributed layer. This is the first time anyone has accomplished this feat with nanogold, and the whole process takes only about 10 minutes. Check out the video to see the nanoparticles in action.

The curious reader may wish to click here read the news release we put out today for more nitty-gritty, while the experts may want to instead click here to see the journal article.