Shawn-Yu Lin on the Mic

by Michael Mullaney on May 18, 2010

After you finish reading our new story on professor Shawn-Yu Lin’s most recent study, which is all about leveraging the interesting characteristics of nanoscale gold to boost the strength of infrared technology like satellite imaging and night-vision goggles, be sure to check out the above video.

The video is from last September when Lin spoke at the World Economic Forum “Summer Davos” meeting in Dalian, China. In just a few short minutes, Lin delivers a rich, impressive overview of the power of nanostructures and nanoengineering to impact photonics – in a range of applications as diverse as computer chips, solar power harvesting, solar power conversion, and others.

Lin’s remarks on using nanomaterials to bend light and mold the flow of light are relevant to the new infrared imaging story, as well as to his breakthrough research on creating the darkest material known to man and creating a near-perfect coating for solar panels.

For further reading, take a look at the excellent Washington Post (front page!) story on Lin’s darkest material, as well as a nice feature by CNN on the solar coating.