Water, Water, Everywhere …

by Michael Mullaney on November 11, 2009

Congratulations to Professor Shekhar Garde for scoring the cover story of the new ACS Langmuir issue, due to hit mailboxes next week. It’s the latest of three papers his group has published on surface wettability and investigations in exploiting the hydrophobic/hydrophilic of different nanomaterials.

In general, Garde’s research focuses on better understanding the role of water structure – at the atomic level and nanoscale, so we’re talking Hs and Os here – in inducing and provoking interesting interactions between different types of molecules. This often involves coating nanoparticle with interesting things, such as hydrophobic or hydrophilic materials, and seeing how the coatings impact the behavior and properties of the overall nanoparticles in different situations.

Check out this story for a great example, and stay tuned for the forthcoming news story on Garde’s three new papers.