On TV: Your Brain is Like a City (and vice versa)

by Michael Mullaney on September 23, 2009

A recent study by professors Mark Changizi  and Marc Destefano was featured by the Discovery Channel program Daily Planet, and received a glowing endorsement from show co-host Jay Ingram:

“I love this idea. It connects two things you’d never think of connecting and that makes it cool – and even awesome.”

Sadly, the site does not allow its videos to be embedded elsewhere, so the best I can do is give you the link:

Click on this image to see the video clip

After the short commercial, scroll ahead to 7 min 30 sec into the video for the segment on Changizi and Destefano’s work.

Here’s some grist for the mill: a Yahoo News story, a blog post written by Changizi, and Rensselaer’s news release on this research. Just for fun, be sure to also check out the Wall Street Journal review of Changizi’s new book.